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64-4 Consulting is a strategy focused consulting firm providing the resources and subject matter experts for sustained growth. Our expertise is delivering our clients initiatives through a range of disciples including Strategy, Marketing, Innovation, Product Management and Market Back Research.

With our 25 years of strategic growth development, business redesign, and strategy development, 64-4 Consulting is helping our clients capture market share with increased profits.

What we do

Working with your company, our team focuses on our client’s desire to use subject matter experts and resources to implement new initiatives quickly. Simply, 64-4 Consulting turns our clients IDEAS and CONCEPTS into ACTION and RESULTS.

marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies

Creating winning Go-To-Market strategies by developing innovative holistic plans using customer and market back data.



Review your strategy and innovation pipeline identifying gaps and developing programs to stay ahead of your competitors to win.

growth strategies

Accelerated Growth Strategies

Winning in competitive markets it tough and if your business is underperforming to your expectations, a new approach to the market built on a strategy of growth will get your business positioned to win.

operational improvement

Operational Improvement

Improving the business performance by creating focus and clarity around what will drive future business success. Using proven tools and customer data, a leaner, focused business will be poised for profitable growth with improved customer satisfaction.

Change management

Change management

With a new strategy comes organizational change. Our expertise is helping our clients make the transition seamless with little disruption to the operations of the business.

Market Research

Market Research

Offering a fresh perspective of the market gives our customers the data they need to develop a winning go-to-market strategy for their business.

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  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Agriculture

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